Ever wonder about those beautiful blue wildflowers that grow in Millennium Park?

Join the Kootenay Camas Project as we walk the park in search of camas and discover why these native lilies are so special.

Camas expert and ethnobotanist Brenda Beckwith says “Millennium Park is a camas hot spot. This beautiful edible lily has connected people to the West Kootenay landscape for thousands of years.”  She will guide us as we learn more about the ecology, cultural history and stewardship of these regionally significant plants.    We will map the camas lily patches in Millennium Park, but first we need to discover where they are. This is where you can help!

Together, we will walk through the park and flag each camas patch.  Help us put these plants back on the map by joining us in Millennium Park. Camas Discovery Day is on Sunday, May 5th, from 10 am until 2 pm.

We’ll meet at the Millennium Park parking lot at the end of 5th Street, and then we’ll set off, on foot, to walk the park in search of the elusive camas lily!