Kootenay Native Plant Society

Connecting people, plants, and place

Join hundreds of volunteers across the continent from July 27 to August 4 for the International Monarch Monitoring Blitz. Together we can make a difference!

Native plants are the foundation of our ecosystems

The need for native plant conservation is more acute than ever

To protect pollinators, protect native plant communities

Plant diversity is important to buffer the effects of climate change

Newsworthy Native Plant Initiatives


KNPS is restoring meadows on Kootenay Lake!



Through the Wildflowers for Pollinators: Citizen Science Meadowscaping Project (W4P) we are working with Kootenay Lake residents to collect wildflower seeds and make meadows that will support native pollinators.  Find out more about the project and how you can become involved here.


“…the single most effective action you can take [to support bees and pollination services] is to plant native wildflower habitat.”

– Xerces Society


Rewild with KinSeed!



There’s a new company in the West Kootenay named KinSeed, specializing in native plant seeds and ecological gardening consulting.  We can help you change your home space into diverse and thriving habitat and contract seed collect and grow plants designed for your ecological restoration needs.  Find out more here, or see our website at KinSeed.