Voices from CMM workshops

Voices from fall 2016 and spring 2016 Communities Making Meadows workshops

What is the most valuable aspect of the workshop?

  • Variety of methods/lots of plant material etc.
  • Community building and support
  • The hands-on opportunities, like networking and promise of follow-up so we can continue this work
  • It was all valuable information & practical experience. The networking was also valuable
  • Outside & hands-on but also also very information intensive, well organized
  • The hands-on and that I get to take them home is exciting!
  • I really liked the walk, talk and identification. Nice to notice things in their habitats.
  • The spirit of nature and being made “more aware”
  • Knowledgeable project leaders
  • Hands on experience in cutting and propagation.
  • Being with others interested in native plants and ecosystems.

Any other comments?

  • Great to continue in the spring
  • Absolutely loved it
  • This was a wonderful workshop and was a great choice for CBT to fund
  • Thanks for getting the ball rolling to motivate people to grow native plants. I had a fabulous time and look forward to more opportunities to participate with this group.
  • For me, as an elder, it was a bit too fast, but I could pick and choose and enjoyed it.
  • I am especially interested in learning more about who is interested in being this community.
  • Awesome, awesome, awesome. Keep them coming, for old and new alike.  You can always learn something!
  • Huge gratitude and thanks my first time. So much appreciated your patience and time.